4 Rivers Consignment

Outdoor Consignment at 4 Rivers

4 Rivers Consignment is the main support for Nehemiah Project, a nonprofit that exists to meet the needs of those in our community who suffer, and are hurting, by coming alongside them to love, support, mentor, and to give hope and a sense of purpose.

4 Rivers is an outdoor gear consignment shop, which provides us financial assistance through its consignments and donations. 4 Rivers is located in Albemarle, North Carolina. Proceeds go directly to our community partners so that they can distribute funds to meet the specific needs within their organization.

We are so excited to see the opportunities God has in store for the people He loves. We truly believe change happens when we love people well!

Discovering & Embracing Your Life Purpose 

This book has been my dream to write. It truly is my life's purpose illustrated in words. It begins by taking you on a personal journey by peering into a man by the name of Tim and his life. We do not come by knowing our purpose when we first entered this world. There are no instructions or clear guidelines given to us, but there are clues. Many of us never even find our purpose and thus never live the life we were created for. Check it out on Amazon!

Discovering & Embracing Your Life Purpose by Paul Peters